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Workspace Unlimited goes 3D at Montreal’s Musée d’art contemporain

On Wednesday, I talked with one of the artists in art collective Workspace Unlimited about their newest multi-media installation work, RealTime UnReal, here in Montreal at the Musée d’art contemporain – it’s quite the immersive experience, 3D glasses n’ everything. Listen to the interview on Ckut 90.3fm via their handy archives –

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WordCampMontreal i like u

happy about wordpress tbh

I remember when I used to blog about things all the time, but instead of using a blog, because there were no blogs, I used a listserv for fans of a certain indie-pop band, and then I moved on to msg boards, and then blogger, which I gave up on pretty fast, maybe because I didn’t feel connected to the “bloggosphere” or whatever it was it was being called it. blargh. So I stuck to my msg board and the facebook and a bit of the twitter and, oh, email and journalism (in print! heavens.) But I could only just float in internet space for so long… So with friends raving in my ear about WordPress and me needing a website for various if somewhat vague purposes, I started a WordPress blog. The momentum lasted a few weeks and la de da the old story goes. But today I went to WordCampMontreal! And realized, really realized this time, that for me, community is what keeps me writing – and, so, blogging. Yaay :)

So I will be putting more of my work, writing and ideas up here, connecting with and creating more of that community that is essential to my life.

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