A Poem About Everything is Robyn Fadden. But on the internet.
It’s almost the same as the real thing.

Writer, editor, content & communications strategist

In the written word exists worlds of possibility. Whether a novel, magazine article or marketing content, all writing has the potential not only to inform but to shift readers’ perspectives. My job is to creatively investigate the intriguing, vitally human spaces where science, technology, art, literature and culture entwine—and then write about it. Informed by 20 years of experience and a Masters in Media Studies, my work ranges from arts journalism to science radio to poetry, always with an objective to inspire and connect people through stories and resonant ideas. Across digital, print and radio, I’ve covered hundreds of events and personalities and created forward-thinking content for a range of industries and organizations. 

Non-professionally, I’m a person living life season by season in Montréal, Québec, Canada with my partner, kid and cats. Mostly I’m pretty happy.

Write me at robynfadden@gmail.com
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